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Task Completed Message/Affordance#17

Would love to show a task completed message after completing each task. It’s hard for the user to know they’ve successfully completed the task when it jumps right to the next task.

It would also be nice to show the “Finish” screen upon completing the task so the user can see the result of the action they made in the prototype (Currently the overlay showing the next tasks covers this screen.

Potential solution that will fix both:
Upon completing a task show a “Task completed” banner message at the top of the “Finish” screen with a “Proceed to next task” button.

Love the product so far. Keep it going.

5 months ago
Changed the status to
Coming Soon
5 months ago

This would be perfect. In addition, it would be nice to allow the participant to be able to explore the target screen (if needed) before moving on to the next task.

3 months ago